UX Lead with a passion for all things UX, IA, Product Design, and Music


A little about myself

I'm currently a Design Lead at DuckDuckGo. I was previously Design Lead for New Product Development at Booking.com and have also held UX Lead and Sr. Design roles at places like Mozilla and HUGE. I have a passion for all things user experience & product design, as well as music and surfing. I'm located in Amsterdam, by way of Minneapolis, NYC, and San Francisco.

My expertise lies at the intersection of visual design, research, and development. I'm focused on foreseeing and solving issues regarding technical logic, challenging flows, and edge cases that not only impact the scope and planning of our projects, but ultimately our users.

I enjoy building design teams and working closely with visual designers and engineers to create an environment where collaboration and user-centered design are inherent in our process. I lead teams through the design process; user research, user testing, prototyping and conducting growth-focused experiments. I also work with copywriters to write functional copy, and make sure what we build works with our product requirements and across multiple locales.




Flow diagrams & Wireframes

Sketching & Prototyping

Github, CSS, HTML

User Centered Design Process

User Testing in the field (recently Indonesia & India)

Writing surveys, conducting card sorts and other UX exercises

Setting up experiments for acquisition and growth

Working with stakeholders to write project briefs

Localization(L10n) and designing for multiple locations

Sharing knowledge at workshops and meetups

Leading mid-sized teams & contractors

Mobile & Responsive Design

Working remotely and w/ a global team

Teaching UX & Design Processes

Open Source community experience

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Playing, writing, recording music


Other notable past experience: Target, HUGE Inc, 3M, Reuters, Jet Blue, Best Buy, SyFy Channel, Hasbro.