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Stiktu: New Augmented Reality App From Layar

Last year I worked on an image recognition and augmented reality app called Stiktu. This started as an R&D initiative from the wonderful people at Layar. It’s not yet available in the US, but after some additional use and testing in Europe, it should be available in more places soon.

Specifically there are 2 things that have been exciting to see evolve. One is the image recognition technology itself. What could barely be rendered on a still, planar surface, can now be displayed on a book, building, poster, t-shirt, at many angles and ranges of motion. The second is how creative the community has been that has taken to the app. It’s honestly more fun to play with than I thought it would be. I initially was just interested in the technology and not so much the social aspect, but now that it’s being used, I can’t wait to get it into as many hands as we can!

The pictures on the right show a little hack day at my house in the first month of Stiktu (then called “Rachel), a few examples of Stiktu creations, and various flow and wireframe samples.