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Designing apps for the modern farmer with Bright Agrotech and Able

I grew up on a farm, with a pitchfork in hand and hours of chores. Besides GPS, there was little modern technology integrated in our daily tasks. It's amazing to see how critical technology has become to sustainable farm culture. Not only for making old farming tasks easier, but for introducing it to a new generation.

On the side, I've been working with friends at Bright Agrotech (leaders of indoor farming hardware like Zipfarm) on a series of app prototypes for farm set-up, education, and management. Below is a sneak peak into our progress.

Setting up and managing your farm

Whether you are selling herbs at the farmers market or have a small garden at your school or rooftop, having simple tools to to set up and manage your farm can help you save money and enjoy learning the skills of the trade. Able helps you know what to buy, how much you've spent, track the success of your crop, and learn from pages of helpful documentation and courses from UpstartU.

People, tasks, and productivity

Transparency and collaboration are key to a smooth running farm whether large or small. Not unlike Google's Inbox, integrating tasks and conversation into a single feed helps to prioritize where your team's attention should be and when.

Feedback, from the experts

Without revealing too much about this app so far, a prototype is currently under review from the Able community. Using Intercom we are able to share ideas with the community and understand the value and need before investing more design and dev time. How valuable is getting feedback about issues they are having with their crop? What kind of feedback is valuable and at what response time and cost? Below are first drafts of the various screens, flow, and basic clickable InVision prototype.

View a screencast of a low-fi InVision Prototype. Further prototyping has been done using new Craft plugins as well as animation ideas using Principle.

Working on tools that save people time and contribute to their well being is extremely motivating and rewarding, especially having an opportunity to combine farming and tech to do so.

Holly Habstritt Gaal