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User Centered Design @ MozCamp Beta in Bangalore, India

I just returned from Bangalore, India for Mozilla's MozCamp. Mozilla has an amazing global community and MozCamps are where we come together to learn from one another, and leave prepared and motivated to spread our mission and skills with our local communities. The main focus of this MozCamp was to train our core contributors ("train the trainer") and ultimately prepare them for the upcoming FirefoxOS launch in India.

MozCamp attendees in Bangalore, India. [photo credit: Biraj Karmakar]

The workshop

I collaborated with Bill Selman (Lead User Researcher @ Mozilla) to design a 3 hour workshop that would teach the fundamentals of User Centered Design and give the participants a chance to touch on each step in our research and design process. We covered interviewing users, research analysis, identifying audience and success metrics, sketching ideas, and collaborative design. The process resulted in the teams having a single concept that they feel confident in prototyping further after leaving the session. The theme of the workshop was to "Create an app that helps your community learn about or contribute to Mozilla."  We had 25 attendees (across 2 separate sessions) that designed 10 concepts that I'd love to see in the hands of our community.

* PDF: This was a very hands-on workshop, but feel free to view the slides we used to guide us through each step and keep us on task.

The level of enthusiasm and quality of work that came out of the workshop exceeded my expectations. I learned so much from the community and can't wait to keep working with them, even though we've all gone back to our homes. Mozillians are pros at remote collaboration, but being in person for a few hours and co-designing allowed us to get a head-start on some ideas we've all had floating around our heads and also meet new Mozillian's to collaborate with!

App concepts that help communities contribute or learn about Mozilla

* PDF: View the recap slides to see an overview of the workshop steps and all concepts presented at the end of each workshop session.


Project kick-offs and feedback with the Mozilla community

This session had greater value than just teaching the fundamentals of our research and design process. We're also hard at work updating our contribution experience at Mozilla, so this was a great opportunity for Mozilla to hear about what is important to local communities and what tools would help support their needs. Keep an eye out for how the feedback from this workshop and the entire MozCamp has a direct impact on the solutions we implement to improve how you can contribute to Mozilla. I'm also excited to see community-built apps come to life from the workshop concepts. I'd like to kick off more projects at MozCamps and give Mozillians more opportunities to have an impact on what we are working on.

Thank you, India!

It's hard to communicate through a blog post the gratitude I have towards our community of Mozillians and the positive feeling that I have after visiting Bangalore. I left India with many new friends and look forward to coming back soon! Regardless of distance, we can still collaborate, be friends, be makers, and empower each other to make the web a better place!


Resources & Links

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop! A few of you left early to catch a flight, so if you aren’t on this list, please let me know. If you have blogged about the event or your concepts, please share.
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